There is another dimension waiting...


And when the experiences or circumstances that are not those wanted, wished for happen –or arrive-, the being rapidly searches for explications... and immediately puts in place solutions; and, of course, judges and passes sentence.

From there, he repeats over and over again the same mechanism, until building a scene… of one or another happiness –or, Well!, a it's not so bad”-and, the rest, is loaded with… difficulties, incomprehension, bad feelings... This tragic! sense... of whatever experience.

And you have to look at one thing: that, if it is part of the “culture”, “evolution”, “religion”, in a large part it is egotistical hedonism of feeling like the judge, analyser, a diagnosis giver and –definitely- the manager of life.

And, of course! -Of course, of course- as he is not... the giver  of life, as he is not... the generator of life, as he is not… creation, as he is not!... in exercising in what he is not, he can only gestate the tragedy, the drama!, the depressed vision, the vision of complaint!...


The human being has assumed all of the attributes of life, as if he had invented them: as if he had created it; as if he had created, not only life!, but the entire universe.

Of course! And each time that his universe, his life, is not to his liking -which is the usual-, when it is not to his liking, then all that is left is to destroy.

Destroy!... -because it is not to his liking- to create, in quotation marks  “other conditions that are more favourable”.

He will repeat once again the previous scheme. He will fall once again into the drama, the tragedy, the desperation; he will destroy and will return to…

And, like this, he will construct -as he has constructed- his possible… extinction.


The praying sense reminds us of the perspective… of the Creative Mystery. It reminds us of the audacity of thinking that it is only… one's own intervention, which establishes the evolution. So, the consciousness is secluded and it can see itself daily, but it cannot see everything that surrounds it, everything that really generates 

This is why; in the way that it is taken, from living, the dimension that what happens -probably, possibly- ought to happen…

Although it is not understood! Never it is going to be understood!... The four or five episodes that the man believes to understand today!, tomorrow will be false.


Think -and maybe it is a trick, but also the prayer can use this - think that, in a few minutes, you will return to think, to feel and devise… in exactly the same way as before praying. And everybody is going to connect, what was left, with a continuation… of complaints, of inconveniences, of…

Think that this is going to be the most probable. The most “almost certainly”…!

But the option that it is not like this exists. And “we could” facilitate that, for moments, it is not like this!... -because we have just listened to it-, and, as a consequence begin to become conscious of another dimension… that is there like waiting to give us some motives of pleasure, enjoyment, contemplation, encouragement...


The world is not “my” world. It is… another world.




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