The Prayer Call places us, tries to guide us regarding our presence in the Universe. And as if it were a funnel, from the widest, infinite, its signals, signs, samples rush into the narrowest part of that funnel, into each being; with which we have all the formation and information of our “doings”, of our universal… ways.

But it is true that it happens that, when concentrating on different spaces, times, moments, the exercise of doing, feeling, thinking, tends to remain concentrated on demand, arrogance, applause, pain, success, failure -etc-, of the place, of the moment.

And it makes some sense that this is so, to highlight the analysis of our presence and discover our gifts, our achievements, our sensitivities and our shortcomings; so that we can establish links of solidarity and consistency, which allows us to ascend through that funnel of our being, through that odd and sinuous propeller that moves –a poetic allegory-.

But it is true that the most common thing is for the being to remain there, in its ghetto of reasons, of explanations, of song, of... like the “wobble” of the song: a wavering without modifications, without analysis, without criteria, only with what the majority thinks or the powerful decrees.

And it turns out that we are, each one of us, singular, unique and unrepeatable. And on the other hand, when it comes to responding, to acting, we usually respond in a common way, not at all singular, nothing original... and even less universal.

All this is neither worse nor better. The Prayer Call brings something to our attention.

It reveals to us the preponderant development of the particular, without seeing the transcendence that particularity has. In which case, our vision changes. A lot! Our sensitivity changes. A lot! And an unimportant detail is transcendent, and an important fact has no transcendence. It's a vulgarity. For example, ¿hm?

It was not, it is not -in the timelessness of the infinite- it was not, it is not, it will not be -to understand ourselves-, the Creative Mystery, an intelligent manifestation. That seems to us, prayerfully, to be a very, very, very, very, very, very secondary characteristic. Which we appreciate as very, very, very, very important.

Something has happened in the transmission line so that the preponderance of intelligence, knowledge, knowing, and that long etcetera of powers, is installed as “the truths”.

The Prayerful Call guides us that the pinch –“pinch”, eh?- of intuition that we can have regarding the Creative Mystery, is that it is a constant explosion of Love. Consequently, not intelligent.

This is going to be especially significant, because feelings occupy a space, time, moment, which little by little is becoming smaller, because intelligence -now that we are also experiencing the boom in artificial intelligence: a true boom -... 

Feeling becomes useless, impractical –from the prayerful perspective-, not very beneficial, not very profitable!

And if one has affection for the sunrise, there will always be someone very practical who will say: “Such an obsession with the sunrise! Why don't you get up at twelve and forget about dawn? How little unintelligent! An intelligent person does not, no, no, no, does not get up to see the sunrise. That happens every day! We have to be practical!”.

  For example.

If the little pinch -that pinch so... so pinch- tells us that it is an explosion -like those that are happening now in the sun-... an uncontrollable explosion of Love, and this gives rise to everything... Amongst it, that other pinch that is the living thing, life. It seems to us and we feel that it is the most wonderful thing that exists in the Universe. Sure?

In the Universe? Sure?

No! We are not sure. But it is a fact –as far as our ignorance reaches- original, unusual, surprising.

And here -as a result of all that has been said- that feelings of rootedness, feelings of emotion... must be kept safe. We must take care of them. They are those vibrations that tune with our origin, with our maintainer, with the inspiration of the originality of life.

Yes. Because the trajectory of the species has been based on its powers, its practicalities, and its intelligence -as we said- and it reasons, speculates, calculates...

“Reasons, speculates, calculates”…

And there, there's no room even for half a smile.

One has to wait for the moment of intimacy to dare to shed a tear or a complaint. A complaint without punishment, without blame, but a complaint; which, to the extent that it is amplified, heals immediately.

So... it's time, time to move between that intelligent practicality and that loving intimacy that, according to the prayerful manifestation, it is of explosively loving nature.

Of course, very, very, very, very, very... There are no measurements and there is no comparison with what we can perceive or feel about what love is. But yes, yes, yes, yes, that feeling comes, is maintained, is entertained, develops and evolves based on that unapproachable source.

So that when we are in sorrow, we are in pain, besides seeking for comfort...

So difficult! Because sometimes, when we are in sorrow, we are encouraged like puppies: “Come on, come on, come on, come on! It is all right, it is all right, it is all right, it is all right. Nothing happened!”.

Yes, something is happening! We are hurt, we are sad, we are...

Maybe with the puppy it works, but with sorrow it doesn’t. We seek... -in that grief- we seek help, we seek caress and tenderness.

We are not looking for new guidelines that will lead us out or into another state to another state of consciousness! No! But, of course, intelligence immediately goes to practical matters, and you can be given a pill to regulate serotonin so that you are happier, and the anger, the discomfort, the painful moment goes away.

When the child stumbles and falls, and becomes aware of his knees, do we say perhaps to him: “Don't worry! Yes, in 26 years you will be an engineer and will have 200 employees in charge! What nonsense, now, to bother about a knee!”?

Do we usually say that? Or are we rather inclined to say: “you will be healed, if not today, tomorrow will be better”? And we kiss his knee... And at the same time, yes, we encourage him to pay attention to something else, or to try again with more care.

We are not going to tell him!: “Don't worry! Yes... Nonsense! Tomorrow you will have forgotten”.

Yes, but I'm not in tomorrow! I'm in now!

Well yes: intelligence is so practical, so profitable, so urgent, so demanding, so requiring, that it does not allow any weakness. And sorrow is... weak! It does not produce! It is not profitable!

That sentimental point that sometimes, like a spark of the Eternal, appears, and saddens us and moves us!...

.- No, no, no! It is a sign of weakness.

.- Oh yeah?

.- Yes. That’s the way to go nowhere.

.- Ah! That's exactly what I wanted: to go nowhere.

There we will have to use another method, of course.

The intelligent adage ends up saying: “Do not allow yourself any moment of sensitive emotion, which can be interpreted as weakness. They will finish you”.

Because only the imperturbable, the indomitable, the constant, prevail...

And that is the one you will respect. The one who imposes himself, who imposes! You will worship that one, because he has, because he possesses, because he dominates, because he dominates you.

And this is how the sensible becomes a caricature; it becomes... sorrow.

And, as sorrow, it is not worth it.

Should we have to know how to keep hope? Emotional hope, hope that fantasizes, hope in love that... at times cries and despairs, but is flexible, ductile, adaptable, exciting.

You will have to know how to keep it.

Because the practical environment demands forcefulness! results!

You will have to speak softly... to express an emotion. Lest someone hears it, and makes a face of betrayal... when they realise that this is not intelligent, and it is not of due reason.

Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes! Everything, everything prayerful is exaggerated. Of course!

And if we listen to what we pray with our intelligent reason, our logic, our understanding and our comprehension, what we hear is a huge exaggeration!

But it is what emanates from the Creative Mystery.

And with much, much, much, much, much and infinite restraint, it shows something that seems, in our domain and our control, to be exaggerated.

Such an exaggeration!

"Oh yeah!" –it would be necessary to answer-. “It is certainly an exaggeration to live; that life exists in a place like a galaxy, like a system, like infinity... It's exaggerated!

It is an exaggeration that three quarters of this place called “planet” is water! Such an exaggeration!

So many species, so much biodiversity! What an exaggeration!”.

Of course, when you want to control, dominate and manage, you have to reduce everything to what is practical and what... what you can handle. Anything outside of that, is exaggerated.

And any version we make from the point of view of organized power is “exaggerated”.

If we say that the conquest of America was “a conquest” –not a discovery-, an insolent conquest...

“What an exaggeration! What an exaggeration! Thanks to it many Indians learned Spanish. Thanks to it they learned about horses and… the Schweppes tonic”. For example.

And that's it.

And if we say: “The predominance of the masculine has mutilated, sectioned and repressed feminine instances”.

.- What an exaggeration! All the blame is put on men! What an exaggeration!

.- OK...

.- There will be someone who will...! But noooo!  My mother was just a saint, and my father too...

How curious! They all have holy mothers and most holy fathers. Except when talking in private, there are some things that don’t fit. Doesn’t it?

Yes. So it happens that, when sensitivity becomes universal, dominance, control and power quickly appear to restrict the universal, even ridicule it, and take control of what happens and what takes place and… – “it's the emigrants fault.” "Climate change is to blame"- and seek to reduce as much as possible any transcendent, amplified, felt!, evident vision!!

And since everyone can say what they want, everyone feels happy and content to say what they want, even if they know absolutely nothing about what they are saying.

.- Wow! How can you give your opinion about something you don't know?

.- Ah! Go to Spain and you will see it. Fantastic! They don't need much to give their opinion, say, of course criticize and so on. No, they don't need much. By reading three or four editorials -the title, eh?, nothing else- they have enough to express an opinion, to give their opinion...

.- How incredible!

.- Yes, Spain is a good place to discover that, but it happens everywhere.

Any exaggerated and transcendent display –and, being transcendent, it is exaggerated for dominance and control, opinion and manipulation –is going to encounter that fence; with that fence that entangles, that encloses, that demands.

In short, it bothers to feel, it bothers to love. It bothers, it annoys. It becomes annoying, because it is beyond the control. Wow! Yes, it escapes. It is beyond the dominion! It is beyond “common reason”: from that common sense, which is not really sense, and is not common. But it is used to, reasonably, maintain a point of view.

And so, each one wields his “I believe”, “I believe”, “I believe”, “I believe”, and there are no coordinates of reference, except those that each one has of himself.

Oh, what a shame!

Thus, the being becomes a hedonistic masturbator, continued, of his own references. He ends up exhausted and bored with himself.

Of course, this is not instantaneous, it takes its time.

But the Prayer Call guides us to realize it, to evaluate our permanence, our attitudes and our positions.

Do you know? It is considered that one of the greatest martyrdoms to which a human being can be subjected is not to let him sleep. Letting him fall asleep, and after ten minutes to wake him up. Then he goes back to sleep, and two hours later you wake him up.

Little by little, like this, we managed to drive him crazy.

Do you know? A general organic deterioration occurs. And, above all, brain degeneration.

It's curious, isn't it? Just by disturbing his sleep.

Perhaps it is not difficult to incorporate this circumstance, in an elusive way, for what the prayerful shows us, exaggeratedly, today.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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