The Prayerful Call guides us towards the creative evasion


And to the extent that humanity, as living matter, takes controls and dominates its environment, and at the same time... -and at the same time- controls and dominates the environment of its own community, the global coexistence, becomes, a... slave state. Those who depend on the powerful become slaves as much as the powerful becomes a slave to his own power, which proves insatiable... and which he does not want to lose.

That is the vibration that this humanity produces.

And it is under that... "rainy" and insistent slave system, enslaved by so many laws, norms, morals, customs, religions, profits, losses, that -due to the desperate punctual, circumstantial, temporary, long, semi-long situation, short...- looks for evasion.

That evasion that involves simply placing oneself in another position has no power to combat, oppose or deny what is established, daily slavery.

But it does underlie –and this is the incidence of the Prayerful Call- that pulse, that beat of evasion. An evasion that, now, focuses on drugs, wars, senseless violence, circumstantial or partial transgressions of the environment... An evasion that, now, becomes purely desperation.

Probably, the being of humanity is not completely conscious, it is not fully aware of its cultural, social, political, economic, moral slavery... And perhaps that is why it does not face and does not generate other models... and it moves in that mould already established, already stipulated, already ordered.

And perhaps that is why his evasion remains there: in the concealed, in the hidden, in the secret, in the forbidden.

And perhaps that is why, when it comes to proposing -in that evasion- another model of living, of being, of continuing in a converter, converted way, without the memory of what usually is offered, is said, is ordered, commanded...

That new... -and the word is too short-, perhaps that conversion, without residues of "the now", without slave residues... supposes, in its renunciation of the known, an enthusiasm, on the one hand; an illusion, on the other. Yes. But I counted on... the efforts to be made; and the renunciations to live.

Converting renunciations, which do not remember: “Ah! “I sacrificed myself for this!, and now…”.

No. Bad system. That's part of the slave system: passing the bills; pass them on to oneself.

The Prayerful Call guides us towards that creative evasion, that evasion that does not miss the slave position. But it does not miss it when one is in belief, believing that this evasion is converting, transfigured and possible, as well as essential and necessary.

That, many times, not knowing where liberation leads us, the being prefers to be a slave to what it knows, to what it dominates, to whom it enslaves, to whom it manipulates, to the one it dominates.

And of course... the resources in place and established are very powerful. Very. And they also looking for their evasions. They are species of humanity. They are not...  strange matter.

But it has been the path that has been taken and the one that is being followed. And of course: it condemns –from his slavery, obviously- any evasion, although at the same time it promotes it so that slavery can be endured.

It's almost macabre, isn't it? "Almost". What is missing for “totally macabre” is… hope. And that makes it not totally macabre.

And that slavery... seems to be reaching its most ambitious limits.

And to maintain this tension and despair, evasions become progressively more nullifying: yes, they nullify the idea, project or enthusiasm that can be perceived, felt or initiated. The family, cultural, social shackles... and a long etcetera are very strong.

And so it is that the being jumps from time to time to escape: a year, two, three months, ten years... Yes. But... except for the exceptions -yes, exceptions-, except for those exceptions, the trap –yes, the trap-, the snare, the siege and the closing circle of slavery, is calling again and again.

And at the beginning of doubt, the being begins to think about the advantages of slavery: an adequate pension..., occasional fun...

And the tagline of “and that's how life is”: a long and immense corridor, flanked on both sides by rooms... that close off or open onto the corridor.

And the being does not realize that they have taken away the stars, they have taken away the dawn, they have taken away the dusk, they have taken away free singing, they have taken away laughing, they have taken away falling in love, they have taken away everything that could represent an innovation, a discovery, a novelty, an “extraordinary”, an “exceptional”!...

There is no place to go to protest.

And with the passing of the slave, what are you going to complain about?... if there is no new opportunity.

The Prayer Call places us in a “world”… –let us keep that word slave- in a world in which the domination of the human is total, and in which each one is a little incarnate god, enslaved to a greater one; and the greatest, to another... and so on.

And although under that panorama everything seems to be lost!, no, the Prayer Call is not lost. No. It may be silent, it may be brief, it may be hot or passionate or dramatic!, but it has that point of knowing how to see, knowing how to see and transmit –that is why we are called to pray- that, in the face of that panorama that could be called “de–solate” -as if the sun had been taken away-, we are on the precipice to jump to another dimension.

Yes… yes. The terrible images are already exhausted, because it is difficult to overcome them. The weight of the law, the weight of morality and the weight of custom cannot press any further. And they assume inevitable deterioration. They hammer death daily, in order to remind a hopeless path.

And that is precisely what causes the prayer people to rebel. A rebellion of the soul, a rebellion of being born.

Yes. Humanity, humanity itself has been driven!, towards that suffocating ego-idolatry. And then, only death is the special... resource. And that is where rebellion arises: on board our soul. Our soul: that which is touched by the primordial spirit; that which attuned itself, when going to pray, with the Creative Mystery; the one that does not allow itself to be deceived... by the power of the slave!

The Species Life, which develops in this place, and elsewhere! in the Universe, is an infinite trajectory, dotted with innovations, surprises of… discovery and learning.

It's a journey... without borders!

That which nests at times in slavery, when the being suffers an enamoured abduction; which, usually, is quickly classified, ordered, married, condemned...

But that abduction of rebellion, when it is perceived...

And now we are at that moment of the pilgrim journey, to put away from us –the Prayer Call tells us-, to put away from us the: “Well, what will become of you tomorrow or the day after?, what will become of you if you do this?, what will it be...?”, that slave sermon that aims and ignites and convinces! –of course!- that everything has to be known, that “I have to know”. And because knowledge is domination, it is power.

In the stellar journey of the Species Life, knowledge is made up of surprises, luck, unforeseen events, unexpected events, faith, fidelity, dedication...

Another language that has already been... has already been condemned in the reigning slavery.

Another language that is certainly difficult!... -due to the state of slavery- difficult to exercise. But!... that difficulty, when one is in that rebellion, what it does is drive further the determined decision to enter into another dimension that I do not know: that of the pilgrim who does not know -but it is led- what is the place of pilgrimage; towards where.

It does not dominate it; it does not control it.

Particles, bits of the Universe we are, apparently wandering through the Unnameable.

In its bosom we are.

In its bosom we are wanderers... cared for; that, as soon as we wake up, we realize how the Unnameable has been placing those little chickpeas that show us where liberation is, where rebellion “flames”!, where transfiguration calls!, where transparency claims us!

And when one is on that frequency, oh!..., powerful slavery has no audience or consent. When one is on that path, there is no mistake. And the temptation 'disappears'. We know that it is there, yes, but it is no longer the indecisive position of what to do, what not to do, what to keep, what... That awful prank through the knife-edge!, with which the being inevitably cuts itself.

The Prayer Call points us out... –yes, because it is heard now- it points us out, guides us in those small signs. Big, huge!, from the perspective of Creation. Small for us, because the slave vision does not let us see... those infinite plans, Creators.

And only, only when we give up demanding our free will, our power, our possessed personality, and let the wind turn them into air, and we begin to breathe in a different way..., thus, every difficulty that appears will reveal to us what our needs are; and if we need this or that, this or that will magically appear.

Then we will look for explanations and reasons... Ah!, yes, yes! But we must know, as praying beings, that, that detail, that event that has happened, is not the result... of my slave origin. No. It is not the result of my highest abilities and knowledge. No. It is the result of a mystery, of magic, of a miracle.

That is how we become loving pilgrims, pilgrims of love.

And we remove the burden... of our ability and decision. “And we remove the burden of our ability and decision.”

And we listen...; we listen to coincidences, those unforeseen and unexpected things that give us a flash... and we realize that it is extraordinary, exceptional, unique...

It is a sign that we are transiting on the pilgrimage, in the light, towards the light... and in its permanent contemplation.





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