When we are called to pray, it is to restore, to remember our reference -our reference of living-... with the Creator Mystery. And thus, to make in our daily life, a reflection of that Love that gestated, maintains and entertains us, in the form of Life.

And that position of reflecting our ancestry is expressed in belief, shown in coexistence, shared in collaboration. And all this -according to the Eastern Tradition- in "sweet and judicious" way.

But as so often happens, the conscience of humanity elaborates a criterion, a project, an idea... and then, when the time comes to exercise it -perhaps due to its divine ascendancy-... that personal importance, that free will, that "owner of me", that comfortable proceeding, that attitude of "the minimum effort", that position of -in short- imposing each being's position, appears. Hence, alliances, unions, communions, groupings, formations, communities, etc., are in permanent and ascending turmoil of conflict.

Tensions, diverse understandings, interpretations, thinking for others... A whole series of wastes that diminish our vitality, discourage our soul, materialise our fantasies, and confront us.

But it seems that this is not enough to correct, to rectify. Rather, the opposite seems to be the case: a greater determination to demonstrate, to win, to impose... each one in their own style.

It is a war, a combat of permanent weakening.

And paradoxically, it is curious that at the same time the being of humanity asks itself: "And why does this discomfort happen? And why does this misfortune occur? And why...?".

No, it does not see. It does not see its participation.

It turns out, in the light of a minimum observation, that one belongs to a deteriorating, deteriorated species... that tries to escape from its own inconsistencies, with larger ones; that tries to show its worth with insolence or with untenable positions; that is capable of justifying "any"... any action.

And by justifying it, it evades its responsibility. "And by justifying it, it evades its responsibility", thus it does not correct.

All this causes the being to lose its link with Creation, to lose its soulful inspiration and fantasy, and to replace it with substitutes of consumption, of customs, of habits, of repeating, beyond what is necessary, models and activities and attitudes that increase again and again despair, anguish.

The Prayerful Call calls us with vehemence, to take into account our filiation with the living, our filiation with the Mystery, our filiation with the Loving, our fidelity to the promised.

Faithfully -as a promise of the Creator- dawn, dusk, rain arrive... and fruits sweeten our palate. Everything comes faithfully, but...

And it comes faithfully as Fidelity to the revealed -as the I Ching says. Like a promise. It does not contradict its promise. It goes deep into it.

Undoubtedly, this proposal -a reminder of the Prayerful Call- implies an effort, a dedication, a renunciation, a willingness... to grow, to innovate.

And of course, as one can see... who is in this disposition? At the first turn of Providence's screw, the refuge of "a bird in hand is better than two in the bush" is sought.

Any time, any moment is always an opportunity. And the opportunity implies... a resource, an aid, help... thus we can tune in to the language of Creation, and reflect it in our coexistence with the environment.

Human proceeding promises itself so many things!, assures and asserts so many positions... that it is absolutely astonishing when it renounces it.

Words, words, the best vehicle to promote our sensations, intentions, emotions... they become elusive, become "corners", and cease to be undulating, transparent, convincing, consistent and, of course, testimonial.

And to that extent, referencing between one another becomes enormously difficult.

It seems, sometimes, that the being challenges its own nature, to see how far it can go.

We are entering times in which error, horror, tragedy, drama, terror do not matter... We are entering times of impunity, where everything has "justification" and "logic"; where everything can be more or less explained...

And if one can't explain it, one resorts to luck, to chance.

The human community is dehiscent, frayed, disconnected.

Beings hide, beings lie, beings individually kidnap themselves, which is not viable. But they defy... and each being insists on its own truth.

But where is the referential? Where is... the expression that enables us in living, and being? Where is it in our consciousness? Where is it... and how does it become operative?

It is obvious and evident that the will assumes interested positions; of its own interest. As a result, disinterest in anything that is not in its own interest grows. Thus, we can say, for example: "There is no political or social will to end the famine of four billion people who subsist on less than five and a half dollars a day".

And they say so; it is said by those who can change this drama. They say it with total impunity! They don’t wonder and they don’t question that they are the ones creating this situation. There is no will of remedy, of care.

Some of you may remember a WHO slogan saying: "Health for all by the year 2000". It was in the last century, yes; a while ago, true. But... the year 2000 was like entering paradise all over again. We are entering 2022 -twenty-two years later- and health is deteriorating more and more.

And they had promised, as humanity of the world... that there were resources and means for everyone to have the opportunity to have a means, a system, a way to have resources to take care of their health. That's one example. You can find thousands of them.

And I'm sure they said it with conviction, with intention. And they promised that, but they didn’t fulfil it.

Some of you, will also remember that the prosperous countries promised to give 0.7% to alleviate the needs of the poor countries...; that they had become poor due to colonialism due to greed due to... -no, they didn't say that, we are saying it now- They were going to be helped.

What happened to that?: "No, I don't have time now. No, it's just that we're in a crisis now. No, you see... conditions have changed". Now they're talking again, as if trying to say: "Man! We could... we could do something, couldn't we?

We are not going to review, obviously, the "lack of commitment", and the lack of the value of the word that, as we can see, is reflected worldwide. But this global reflection is a consequence of the daily reflection of each individual. To a greater or lesser extent and with some exceptions.

The Praying Call offers itself permanently. And its warnings, reminders, claims, only aim -"only aim"-... to take care of us, to warn us, to endow us.

They don't judge or condemn us. They don't even criticise us!

The Prayerful Call warns us, it shows us: "He who has eyes to see, let him see. He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”.

Unbelievably, in the Creator Mystery, in the Praying Mystery, it can be said that this immeasurable referential believes... -because it has created us- it believes in us!

And one should say, remembering or paraphrasing the Christ: "I am not worthy that you should come into my house, but one word... -one word!; words again- one word from you will be enough to heal".

But we have to listen to it. We have to give it credit!...

And knowing that they trust us, it should bring us an avalanche of hope, of correction, of rethinking, of retraining, of projects -paraphrasing the motto of the year-.

It is not coherent!... it is not consistent to respond –to those who believe in you, who believe in you and recreate you-... it’s not consistent to ignore and... take refuge in what might interest me or attracts me more.

Certainly, due to evolution in which we are living, the Prayerful Call is... -as it was also said- it is The Voice that Preaches in The Desert.

And so it is that being listens -listens to itself- but it does not listen... to the Voice...

And that is why it is said to be "preaching in the desert".

So difficult!... It is so difficult for this humanity, to believe!

Sometimes you believe in something or someone, but other times you disbelieve and... and you jump from stone to stone thinking that you won't fall.



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