When factions of life force obedience…


We don't know... how exactly, and in what way, what we call "life" came about. Perhaps, from the prayer point of view, it was always there... in accumulated eternities. From the point of view of our reason, knowledge, logic and science, we place it in a time frame.

Oh! But as soon as it becomes evident to the eyes of humanity, this life is recreated daily; it is continually remade; it is singularly modulated; it is specially configured. And all this, not because of its own condition -whatever the type of life we are referring to- but due to... influences, from the perspective of Prayer, of the Creative Mystery; or, under another perspective of science and knowledge, because of diverse and multiple factors that affect a specific point by chance, by luck.

The truth is that living expands, adapts, grows... and grows. And in its growth it becomes... "knowing". And each experiential living becomes evident, and the plurality becomes obvious. And each peculiarity of life is connected directly or indirectly with others and with others and with others: the weft of life; the living fabric.

We could say, as in other occasions in relation to that weft: we do not know if all of it constitutes "something"... that would really be life.

It is like saying: there is bone, muscle, tendon, blood, and lymph... But when all of this is configured and connected, a being of humanity appears.

And in all that great proceeding, under the baton of Creation, there are no limits. When speaking of them, man speaks as... expressing his disabilities.

Assuming this process... of life consciousness, this expansive vitality, obviously separates us from criteria of failure, limits, borders... And although these events do happen -and do happen!-, they do not constitute... –pay attention- they do not constitute impediments to the progressive vital advance.

It doesn't consider quantities, but rather in quality. And these qualities become more and more resourceful, more ‘enabling’, more obvious... in its creative consciousness.

When the being is circumscribed to its perimeter of power, it counts down, counts ups, counts profits, counts losses, counts possessions... But that, and those visions, are a kidnapping: a conceptual kidnapping, an interested kidnapping, an unworthy kidnapping... of a knowledge, since this knowledge is located in the universal, it is situated in the unknown; and, therefore, it does not isolate itself, it does not become recessive, suspicious of its bowl or its blanket, but it contemplates the forms and ways it has... to exercise its gifts.

It's not new. The empowerment of the species... above all and on the own species is not new. 

But, certainly, every time it happens, beliefs, illusions, fantasies, projects are shaken...; we become vulnerable to ourselves, by displacing our true nature and substituting it for our conceptual space-time -appearance-. 

Life doesn't... obey. Life expresses itself and shows itself in that disobedient chaos, a product of the Creator Mystery. 

When factions of life force obedience, thus hijacking the intrinsic nature of living, there is a denaturalization of the vital expression. And the violence imposed by those who force obedience, and the violence generated by those who in principle obey, is an exasperating… violence.

We're in one of those stages. We repeat: already happened, already experienced, but forgotten, kidnapped, diluted... But in any framework in which life is forced, kidnapped, imposed obedience is demanded, based on fear of punishment, it is a strategy that shocks... and places "living" in inhospitable conditions!

Hence we have to pay attention to our consciousness of life... 

A consciousness that allows the intimate certainty!... of knowing that we belong to a Creative Mystery that permanently and continuously strengthens our being, our continuity!... without any limitations.

As long as this criterion of consciousness remains present, not theoretical but real, we will be in a position to guide, suggest, propose... and, above all, we will be in a position to carry on...

The serene calmness that progresses inexorably is the guarantee of certainty that any dominating, punishing, kidnapping appearance, will only be a superficial layer...; something that has ephemerally tried to disrupt our nature and turn it into a permanent aggression, when it turned out -and it turns out- that life is the consequence of a constant communion.

It's not complaisance, what is gestated in the ravings of despair. 

It is not complaisance, what arises... from repression, from imposition and from fear. 

It is not complaisance, what "hardly" survives... 

And, oddly enough, it does... like that spider's thread that looks faint, but is strong. And it does, because that life process is not subjected, it is not of this world...

We came here to express ourselves and show ourselves "around here", but "we are not from here". 

We are the expression of a Creative Mystery, without place or site. 

Feeling this way makes us infinite, eternal, and complaisant to live. And we are not impoverished hostages, waiting for the death of despair.

The consciousness of this living must be expressed with the serene calmness that comes at dawn, and that occurs at dusk... but overwhelming!

The overwhelming calmness of the event... does not retreat, does not run away. It goes on!

It is up to us –claims the Prayer Sense with its call- to be a living witness; living, not imperative, not dominant; but, in dialogue, in communion... in conviction… 

With that timeless argument that beats... that beats in life since it always existed.




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