The Divine Ignorant


And in the course of action, of doing, of repeating, of innovating, of discovering, of learning... the being of humanity progressively acquires a consciousness of power, for what it knows, for what it has learned, for what it interprets, for what it has discovered.

And to the extent that this happens, he becomes egomaniac, idolised... and he builds his own world. And each one builds its own empire or its domain.

That is the common pattern of the sapiens species:

"No, I already know this. "No, I already know it, I've already learnt it, I've already..." .

He doesn't realise what he has forgotten, that he had learnt it in another time.

And here, the Praying Call warns us... that this progressive advance that is turning into power, that is becoming self-sufficient, egomaniac idolised... this progression moves him away; moves him away into the infinities of ignorant consciousness.

Yes. The consciousness of knowledge, -the Praying Call warns us-, turns us into individual universes, into powers and judgements and rulings, orders, rules... dominant imperatives.

In the Prayerful Call, by placing us in the Creative Universe of the Mystery, immediately -it is not necessary to think too much-... the ignorant consciousness opens to us an unfathomable Universe. It opens us to an endless path.

He who is full of knowledge, erudition, learning... is afraid to open up, tries to keep to himself, aspires to keep and to have, just in case one day he does not have any! He is a slave to his erudition, his knowledge and his learning. And in his ego-idolatry he does not admit ignorance. He has made a universe and a world "in his own image and likeness" out of his knowledge... And so, he creates a family, a group, a community, a state, a country, a continent.

And he sets out to defend his personal, family, social, cultural rights... But he does not claim his ignorance of life, his ignorance of the Universe, his ignorance of Creation.

Thus, as we may suppose, the healer prayer, the miracle, enlightenment, becomes truly "difficult". Although, potentially one has it.

The divine ignorant, by opening himself to the Mystery, is in permanent surprise, in surprising luck!; interpreting and reinterpreting again and again... the same sentence, which seemed repeated, but when seen at another time, in other circumstances and under another question, it becomes so different!...

As when we consult the I-Ching and, depending on the question, depending on the issue, its answer -from that hexagram that we have read several times- already has a different nature.

The divine... the divine ignorant pays attention to everything that happens.

The divine ignorant, has no limits... and that is why he is filled with goodness. But he does not withhold it; but he expresses it. And therefore, he is filled with mercy. He does not propagandize it, but exercises it. And that’s why he is fulfilled -without ever filling up-... with Love. And with it he exercises. He does not hold it back; he shows it.

He knows the fundamentals of the Great Ignorant Praying consciousness: that there is no reality that belongs to him.

Ah!... "Nothing", you might say. Nothing belongs to him. There is "nothing" that belongs to him -it is better to put it that way-.

No!, it is not easy. Saying it, may be understandable, it may be reasonable, but experiencing it, is not easy. No, it is not. Certainly. Since... the love I feel for "my" son, the love I feel for "my" theory, the love I feel -to put the limit on love; without limits- for "my" project, for "my" country, at the moment it is positioned as a possession, it ceases to be ignorant and becomes an owner. And as an owner, he takes care of his belongings and sets a limit. He puts up a fence... He looks for a profit...

The claim to ownership leaves ignorance aside and claims his right.

And as we heard, the ignorant have not renounced to discover, to learn, to reread, and to restart... No. But he discovers that to possess what he discovers, what he learns, what he develops, and not to put it "at the service of", implies a possession; it implies a power.

And that's when he stops being ignorant.

If the nutrients of our being are divine; if prayer is the main… -if not the only- link that keeps us in consciousness of the Universe, that must be a consciousness of feeling. That is why it is not easy, no, it is not. At times it can be expressed and at times it can be lived, but we are in terrains -as we see, as we observe- terribly powerful! And the most adept, the closest one, the best believer... is tempted, and believes himself to be outstanding. He feels... indispensably dominant, confident of his convictions and qualified for any task.

And so he abandons meditation, praying, contemplation, feeling without profit. And he becomes a slave to knowledge, to know, to handling, to manipulate...; to empower itself as a culture, as a development, as a speciality of any branch or dimension.

Creation has given the flower of life... with a perfume like no other. And in its astonishing mystery, that flower... offers its perfume, but its source is a mystery.

When we get drunk on the prayerful perfume... and we declare ourselves solemnly ignorant, but openly awake, luminous, generous, miraculous, healing intermediaries...; when this happens, and is maintained in the face of stalks and comments and royalties claiming positions, possessions!... oh!, when all this is relegated -without contempt, with respect- the weight is light. It could be said that there is no weight. And the option and the possibility for others to see, for others to contemplate, others to "realise"... and assume the consciousness of the supreme ignorant... Because it is imprinted and evidently is obvious, but when it is filled with the erudite capacity of knowing, it sees no more. The link with the Mystery gets broken. One feels safe with its vaccine, with its remedy....

"Not even' -and this is a great help- he does not even recognise himself as a mystery, himself.

Ah! An important pearl arises!

If I come from the Mystery, what am I? A mystery.

That is why, unwittingly or knowingly we were told over and over again: "Know thyself, know thyself". And the psychoanalysts sought to "know themselves": "Know yourself".

But... but no!:

Give up knowing yourself. Declare yourself ignorant of your being, because you come from the Mystery.

 You will know -without possessing- your gifts... to serve. And knowing that nothing is yours, you have nothing to aspire to. But, participate.

This is how you get it; this is how you discover the consciousness of liberation.

Thus, are reached... the progressive steps of enlightenment; which are seen, which are exercised, which are practised.




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